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You have the ability to unlock your priesthood and royalty potential, and MAGH can help inspire, equip, and provide the environment suitable for your transformation into the God-ordained version of you.

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The Value of Leadership Growth

For more than 25 years, the Global Leadership Network has delivered fresh, actionable and inspiring leadership insights in more than 110 countries and 55+ languages, and the outcomes are incredible. Here’s what we learned about the impact of The Global Leadership Summit from a recent independent survey of attendees by Excellence in Giving.



“agree” or “strongly agree” the GLS improved their productivity



“agree” or “strongly agree” the GLS improved their job satisfaction



“agree” or “strongly agree” the GLS improved the quality of their work



“agree” or “strongly agree” the GLS materials helped them teach others about leadership, with an average of 47 other people being trained in the last two years
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