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If you were redirected to this webpage while trying to access our leadership resources, we apologize — The leadership resources are not yet available in your country, but will be available soon. Stay tuned or contact your country’s field representative for more information.

What’s the BEST that can happen?

At the Global Leadership Network, we are passionate about the positive difference you make through your influence and leadership. It is this passion that drives us forward on a mission to ignite transformation globally. It is what keeps us asking the question, “What is the BEST that can happen?” 

A Vision for the Future

With your help, the BEST can happen as people become equipped and encouraged in their leadership to make a positive difference in their communities, churches, businesses, schools, hospitals, prisons, governments, nonprofits and more!

Will you partner with us to multiply the impact?

The Impact of Your Generosity

Multiply Stories of Transformation Globally

What happens when you give to the Global Leadership Network? You multiply stories of positive transformation around the world. In fact, in more than 110 countries, including locations we cannot name for their protection, as well as prisons across the U.S., homeless shelters, transition homes, trafficking survivors and vulnerable youth, you don’t just create opportunity for leadership growth, you provide hope.

When you give, you…

  • Remind people their leadership matters and they have influence.
  • Call out the best in others with fresh motivation and insight.
  • Help leaders stretch in areas they want to improve in order to thrive.
  • Provide space for people to rediscover their sense of purpose.
  • Challenge people to go out and make courageous, valuable decisions that ultimately create the positive change they long to see become a reality.


In order to reach more people, we need your help. These efforts require equipment, technology, translation, volunteers, staff, safe venues, training and resources. This is where you come in—join the movement to multiply stories of transformation with your gift today!


Ways to Give

Make a Lasting Impact

Become a Monthly Donor

With reliable, regular support, monthly donors create sustainable, lasting change in over 60 languages and 123+ countries, including 50% of the world’s poorest countries. These amazing partners also help us serve men and women in over 100 prisons, homeless shelters, transition homes and crisis centers across the U.S. and also provide Summit scholarships to trafficking survivors and vulnerable youth. Every gift, of any size, makes all the difference!

Most Recent

Impact Stories

Check out the incredible outcome stories of those who attend our leadership events.

Never Slam the Door

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Seek Collaboration

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Deviating from the Norm

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Ignite Transformation in Your Backyard & Around the World

GLS Prison Program

The generous support of our donors allows us to bring The Global Leadership Summit into 100+ prisons across the U.S. Learn how you can support these efforts as a donor, volunteer, or church or organizational host.


Share The Global Leadership Summit with under-served audiences across the U.S. including homeless shelters, transition homes and crisis centers; or provide scholarships to trafficking survivors and vulnerable youth.

International Movement

Our donors and ministry partners help translate The Global Leadership Summit into 60+ languages and bring it to 123+ countries, including 50% of the world’s poorest countries, reaching more than 400,000 men, women and students each year.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Global Leadership Network (GLN) is different in that our goal is to equip, encourage and inspire everyone, in whatever their sphere of influence, no matter their status or economic means—It is the only global Christian leadership movement of its kind, reaching more than 400,000 people annually. We provide the tools and incentive that spur on hundreds of thousands of people to ignite change wherever they are, whether that’s at home, in the local church, in the marketplace, education or in government. Transformation starts with leadership. Through leadership we can provide solutions to poverty, corruption and injustice in our world. We can strengthen churches, families and businesses. We can increase unity, evangelism and hope. Ultimately, we can equip Christians to maximize their leadership potential to impact the world.
Since 1995, the GLN has transformed the lives of millions of people in all sectors of society with fresh, actionable and inspiring leadership content. The ripple effect of that transformation has reached those in the highest levels of government, businesses and even prisons in more than 135 countries. Story after story of families, churches and communities getting better—all because a leader got better. Your continued prayers and partnership will expand the impact globally into regions of the world that desperately need it.
Because leadership matters. Everything rises and falls on leadership—whether it’s in the marketplace, education, non-profit organizations and more. The surest way to change our broken world is to have those in charge leading with integrity, vision and humility. We see first-hand that countries are changing because for the very first time, leaders are being taught biblical leadership. Servant leaders pour into others, expand their influence and inspire others to live with purpose. And everyone wins! The impact is felt from family rooms to boardrooms, and from pulpits to city halls.
Every family, church, business, school, government and organization that is led with excellent leadership principles will produce results and develop morals resulting in a better standard of living. Our world can truly be radically transformed with better leadership. We’ve seen it happen in 135 countries. But there’s more work to be done as our current reach of 405,000 attendees means we’re just getting started. We visualize millions of people being transformed around the globe because leaders got better.

We believe the Lord supplies us with resources for ministry through individual contributions, and we recognize our accountability both to Him and to our donors. We have a responsibility to be faithful stewards and to maintain integrity and openness in our financial practices. The Global Leadership Network is accredited by the ECFA. Click here to view our 2020 Annual Report.

Global Leadership Network Impact

2021 Annual Report In 2021, our vision, mission and commitment remained unwavering. The active participation and graceful support of you—our partners, host sites, donors, volunteers and global audience—allowed us to adapt quickly in order to continue to multiply impact around the world in 2021 without pause.